Easy open end canned plant

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canned flower is in tank as the carrier, the nutrition soil and different vegetables or flowers seeds into the jar opener type animal Mini pot. Its size and popular pop can, to break the traditional flower creation creative concept, to a small, beautiful product form, advocate hand cultivation, enjoy the fun of planting. When the water is poured, the colorful flowers can be opened.

The characteristics of flower cans:

1. education easily. Who will create, add soil cultivation can prevent the selected medium, rancid formula seeds and other essential goods all ready, so that customers can easily create their own potted plant, can be described as "instant noodles" education.

The 2. species are rich. EOE canned flower series a total of 18 products, including flowers, grass, Vegetable & Fruit odd varieties, take all kinds of comprehensive consumer differences hobby.

3. easy to live. EOE smooth through higher levels of canned flowers planted makes use of sophisticated transgenic technology, seed, with vivid operation instruction, the longest 20 days will sprout, the germination rate of products in more than 95%.

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